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Part Number: MC2016P
Make: Motorola Semi.
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Specifications : MC2016P

JESD-30 Code R-PDIP-T14
JESD-609 Code e0
Manufacturer Motorola Semiconductor Products
Manufacturer Part Number MC2016P
Number of Terminals 14
Operating Temperature-Max 70 °C
Operating Temperature-Min 0 °C
Package Body Material PLASTIC/EPOXY
Package Code DIP
Package Description DIP, DIP14,.3
Package Equivalence Code DIP14,.3
Package Style IN-LINE
Packaging -
Power Supplies 5 V
Qualification Status Not Qualified
Schmitt Trigger NO
Similar Alternates UT54ACTS14-PCC UT54ACS04-PCC UT54ACTS04-PCX M38510/65752BCC UT54ACS14-PQCH UT54ACTS14-PVAH UT54ACTS14-PQCH M38510/07003BCA 5962-9759301QCA GD74F04 UT54ACS14-PVCH M38510/31302BCA UT54ACS04-PCA UT54ACTS14-PCA CD54ACT14F/3A U74ACT04L-D14-T UT54ACTS04-PCC UT54ACTS14-PCX SN54S04J SN54AS04J SN54F04J UT54ACTS14-PQAH UT54ACS14-PVAH UT54ACS14-PQAH SN74HCT14NE4 SN54ALS04BJ 5962-8973401VCA CD54HCT04F3A 5962-9680401QCA 5962-9665801QCA SN7404N 5962-8689001CA CD54HCT14F3A SN74S04N M38510/30003BCA 5962-9759301QCA SNJ54AHCT04J SNJ54ACT04J 5962-8974701CA SNJ54AS1004AJ SNJ54HCT14J CD74HCT04EE4 SNJ54ALS04BJ M38510/33002BCA CD54HCT14F SNJ54ACT14J SN74ALS1004N 5962-8974701VCA M38510/07003BCA SN54HCT04J
Subcategory Gates
Supply Voltage-Nom (Vsup) 5 V
Surface Mount NO
Technology TTL
Temperature Grade COMMERCIAL
Terminal Finish Tin/Lead (Sn/Pb)
Terminal Form THROUGH-HOLE
Terminal Pitch 2.54 mm
Terminal Position DUAL