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Part Number: MPMT10012001AT0
Make: Vishay
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Specifications : MPMT10012001AT0

Construction Epoxy Molded
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Element Power Dissipation 100 mW
First Element Resistance 1 k?
JESD-609 Code e3
Manufacturer Vishay Thin Film
Manufacturer Part Number MPMT10012001AT0
Manufacturer Series MPM
Mounting Feature SURFACE MOUNT
Network Type DIVIDER
Number of Elements 2
Number of Functions 1
Number of Terminals 3
Operating Temperature-Max 150 °C
Operating Temperature-Min -55 °C
Package Description SMT, 0612
Package Height 905 µm
Package Length 2.86 mm
Package Style SMT
Package Width 2.3 mm
Packaging -
Packing Method TR
Pbfree Code Yes
Rated Power Dissipation (P) 200 mW
Rated Temperature 70 °C
Resistance 1 k?
Second/Last Element Resistance 2 k?
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Size Code 0612
Subcategory Array/Network Resistors
Surface Mount YES
Temperature Coefficient 25 ppm/°C
Temperature Coefficient Tracking 2 ppm/°C
Terminal Finish Tin (Sn)
Terminal Shape GULL WING
Tolerance 0.1 %
Working Voltage 100 V